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 Artistic Director, Aparna Sundaram founded Swapanthi Dance  Academy in 2007 to provide intense training in Bharatanatyam, including the theoretical aspects and Nattuvangam (dance conducting). 

 Aparna learnt dance from the famous dancer Smt Sowbhagya and Smt  Vasundara Doraiswamy (India). Aparna did her solo dance show Arangetram  in  2003 under the guidance of Guru Smt. Indumathy Ganesh (Fremont, CA).   She has performed extensively and has earned the recognition and  respect of dance critics for her exquisite execution of Bharatanatyam  and has come to be recognized for her flawless rhythm, flowing grace,  and powerful projections of the various moods. She also participated for  many dance festivals in San diego, CA.  Aparna has choreographed  several folk dances and fusion dances. She has participated in many  cultural and community events.  



 The Swapanthi conducts Bharatnatyam classes in Delsur and Carmel valley. Students of the Swapanthi have performed in various events and have charmed the audience with their Abhinaya (expression) and keen sense of rhythm. 

Bharatha Natyam


 Bharatanatyam Is a classical dance tradition nurtured in the ancient temples of southern India, combines artistic expression with a sense of spirituality. This dance form comprises of two prime elements: Nritta (pure dance) and Nritya (expression of lyrical lines.) The choreography emphasizes intricate rhythmic footwork, fluid movement, and an extensive vocabulary of hand gestures and facial expressions. Over the years, the dance has moved from temples, to royal courts, to the modern stage. While retaining its spiritual roots, Bharatanatyam is vibrant and thriving art form, celebrating the divine beauty of life and movements.